Marching across Hong Kong, BOOTCAMP is the only outdoor exercise program that is all about getting fast results. Led by Body Synergy, BOOTCAMP has 15 not-so-secret locations where recruits get in shape. Choose from Infantry BOOTCAMP for beginners, BOOTCAMP or SAS BOOTCAMP.

The early morning and evening exercise regimes attack your entire body. Using the outdoor space around them, our qualified trainers provide a fun experience that bonds recruits and gets them fighting fit.

You too can become a BOOTCAMP recruit and take part in a fun, results-based program that works on cardio endurance, strength ability and muscle toning, which is achieved through interval, circuit, high intensity and body resistance training. Whatever your fitness level the workout is open to all, whether it is the first time you have put on a pair of trainers or you are preparing for a triathlon.


Classes start from HK$150 and vary at each location. Each BOOTCAMP has its own timetable with classes running from 5.30am through to 9.30 am. Early evening sessions are also available. Please click the "schedule" button on top of this page for more information. If you are new to BOOTCAMP, please visit the "Join Now" page and fill out the form to make sure we have all your details.

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